Thursday, August 23, 2012

So, it's been a while. Family life has been nuts and I'm stuck in a mid move transition with an extra 4 people in the house, 2 of those being my baby nephews, which I love to death, are they a handful. I've been totally distracted with trying to be the most awesome auntie on the planet that I haven't had time to get much out! Let's fix that!

Inspired by the idea that passion doesn't always wait for clothes to come off and things get broken or pushed out of the way, Desire came to life! Each set includes 3 variations of the color listed, a deeper, richer version, a soft colored light version, and a two toned version with a lace overlay.

Single Color Pack: 300L
FatPack: 1000L
Jewelry Set: 100L

If you do the math, that's a savings of 1400L on the fatpack!

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